Greg Jake by Jason Fitzgerald_9ab_edited

Fort Worth, Texas

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Greg Jake's love for electronic music goes way back to his days as a kid listening to obscure tracks given to him by a friend in the late 90's. From there, he became obsessed with acts like Uberzone, The Orb and Moby.


So, it's fitting that he would find his way to becoming the host of "Celebrate the Magic" on One World Radio: The Sound of Tomorrowland and the host of Spinnin' Sessions, a weekly show filled with fresh new music from some of the worlds biggest DJ's and EDM artists from Spinnin' Records and subsidiaries. 

You can hear Greg Jake on One World Radio Monday - Thursday from 11am- 1pm CST and new episodes of Spinnin Sessions drop each Thursday at 11:00am CST. 

Follow along at or in the One World Radio app as well as 







We use Greg because he doesn't suck!

Our old voice guy is way better...but, since he died, we use Greg.


When our clients ask us to please switch to a female voice over, it's usually because we used Greg on their spots.

- Scott Robb, Owner: Bionic Monkey